Senior School

The Senior Years: 10 - 12

The College provides a specialist Senior Secondary site for students undertaking studies in Years 10 to 12. This purpose-built space provides students with an understanding of the importance of the 'task-at-hand' - their final school years. A broad range of subject offerings are available to students, ensuring they have every opportunity to successfully complete their SACE and to meet University and TAFE entry requirements.

A student's journey towards the SACE begins in Year 10 where it becomes clear that they are commencing a particularly significant time in their school life.  For the first time they undertake a required aspect of their SACE, their Personal Learning Plan (PLP).

During this time students are counselled to thoughtfully select subjects for SACE Stage One and Stage Two, developing their overall SACE plan in consideration of their possible post-school pathway.  Information sessions for parents on the SACE, helps to clarify what students are required to undertake in order to successfully meet the expectations of the SACE Board.

Students in our Senior Years also participate in Kinship each day. Students engage with other students in their House group, across various levels of Senior School, during Kinship time. This time allows students to get to know other students, both across their year levels and with younger and older students; increases school pride through a strong connection to House; provides and extends opportunities for inter-House experiences and activities through sport, performing arts, debating; and, allows students to take an active part in College life - ultimately improving learning outcomes for all. Tutor teachers continue to support students by assisting them to consider post-school pathways and to set achievable learning goals. Tutor teachers meet regularly with individual students to discuss their overall academic progress, supporting students with challenges they may face during the course of their Senior Years.

Students in our Senior Years have a number of opportunities to seek involvement in exciting co-curricular activities, including the annual Pilgrimage to Iona; subject-based study tours and participation in Drama and Music performances. We encourage students to be prepared for global citizenship and to realise that the world is 'their oyster'.  We are proud of our students, not only for the results they achieve, but for their post-school pathways and their ongoing love of learning.



Underpinning  SACE is the expectation that school-leavers will have:

  • Achieved a certain level of Literacy and Numaracy
  • Studied a broad range of subjects
  • Developed skills and knowledge to successfully participate and contribute to  society
  • Been equipped to undertake further tertiary studies or enter the work force
  • Students studying SACE usually undertake a course of chosen subjects over two years . Stage 1 (Year 11) and Stage 2 (Year 12).