Our Schools

Our Schools

St Columba College's educational philosophy is deeply underpinned by our Christian faith and Anglican and Catholic heritages.

As Christians we believe that education must take into account the development of the whole person. We ensure that each student is involved in an educational process which encompasses spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, and social elements.

As such our Religious Education Program provides an important link for all student learning from Reception to Year 12. It is a thread which highlights the way in which we as humans understand our place in the universe. It promotes our belief that all humans are called to continue growing to wholeness and strive to do the best we can in every situation.

Every student is encouraged to do his or her best. We expect high standards in every dimension of College life. The way in which the students wear their uniform, the way they speak and display good manners, to the way that they participate in their work, all form part of our educational standards. We acknowledge that students vary in academic ability and thus we encourage each individual to present work to the very best of their capabilities.

To support learning across all three sections the College is equipped with 2 modern and comprehensive Resource Centres. Those students with special educational needs are accommodated for by our special learning Iona Centres.

In supporting the highest standards in numerarcy and literacy the College is proudly part of the National Partnership scheme.

Students have opportunities for leadership by involvement in such groups as the Student Representative Council (SRC) or in the Senior School as College Prefects or House Leaders.