St Columba

St Columba College


Year 8 Medieval History

Bringing history alive for our Year 8 students! English and Humanities just became a whole lot more interesting with students experiencing medieval history with armour and a weapons display at the College. Thanks to 'Fire Bear's Emporium' -, students engaged in a fun and interactive presentation allowing them to experience teaching outside of the classroom and learning history on a whole new level.

Students met face-to-face with characters wearing medieval costume and real-life armour with the opportunity to try pieces on to see how real, handmade armour actually works and the benefits and limitations.

The weapons display provided students with a live demonstration of what real medieval weapons are capable of. Strictly supervised for safety, students were allowed to participate so they could appreciate the heft and weight of these weapons and understand the skill and training required to use them effectively on the medieval battlefield.

Siege Engines (a device that is designed to hurl projectiles to break or circumvent heavy castle doors, thick city walls and other fortifications in siege warfare) graced the oval with these working-scale models being used to demonstrate the history, use, craftsmanship, mechanics and physics of these various types of weaponry.

Thank you to our presenters who educated and entertained our students on a fascinating era.