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Year 5 Students Lead the Way

Year 5 Students Lead the Way, Oh What a Day!

St Columba College seeks to nurture great leaders and encourage students to discover their God given gifts and develop these skills and passions to reach their full potential. Year 5 Leadership Day is just one way we encourage this development.

The Year 5 students had an amazing day strengthening their leadership skills.  The students were divided into House teams and rotated through a variety of six different tasks prepared by their teachers. Immense communication and growth mindset were required to ‘crack the code’ in the Escape Room activity with Mrs Cocks.  Mrs McCarthy worked through the values and character traits of ‘Leaders vs Bosses’ though role-play. The students enjoyed using iPads with Mrs Woods as they worked in teams to solve a ‘photo’ scavenger hunt.  Mrs Hancock and Mr McGinty conducted a relay style activity, which required students to refine their problem building skills. Mr Matthews used his many skills and games from the ‘Rock and Water’ program to engage with the students to strengthen their resilience. Finally, Mr Mcloughlin initiated an ‘Act of Kindness' challenge, which will continue throughout the year. The students then gathered for a special lunch. The day was concluded with a Liturgy focussing on gifts and strengths and how we are called, with God's help, to share these gifts with others!

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing." John 15:5

Students Comments:
“I enjoyed the ‘Escape Room’ in Mrs Cocks class because I loved finding the clues and working as a team.” Charli
“I enjoyed Mrs Woods’s Scavenger Hunt using the iPads. I enjoed working with my team to find the objects on our list.” Sienna
“I enjoyed the ‘Escape Room’ actvity as I like solving puzzles. I also enjoyed our pizza with the entire Year 5 community.” Michell
“I liked becoming a ‘Secret Agent of Kindness’ in Mr McLoughlin’s room. It was a surprise to find out who you have to be kind to over the next week.” Luca
“I enjoyed the ‘Bosses and Leaders’ activity because we got to create a role play about different types of bosses and leaders.  I liked learning about what makes a good leader.” Thomas
“I enjoyed ‘Bosses and Leaders’ role play in Mrs McCarthy’s classroom. I learnt that you should try to be leader and not to be bossy.” Jackson