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Vic Calleja: On a Winning Journey

Junior School Library Assistant, Mr Vic Calleja, has been awarded an NGS Super Scholarship Award to assist him in his role as an education support staff at the College. This week at the College, Mr Calleja was officially presented with his award by NGS Super Customer Relationship Manager, Elaine Santos.

The award, formerly known as the Dedicated to the Dedicated Awards, encourages the professional development of teachers, support staff and management staff of non-government schools, while further enhancing the education sector. Six scholarships were awarded to NGS Super members to help them undertake a professional development course, project or study tour of their choice.

As part of the application process, Mr Calleja prepared a written response to the question ‘How will your study tour, course or project enrich your career and help you to make a tangible contribution to the education centre?’ He was notified by telephone of his success at the end of September followed by an official letter from the NGS office in Sydney.

Mr Vic Calleja won the award in the Support Staff category and has received a monetary scholarship with which he will use to fund a study tour of selected schools in Manchester, UK, known to have some of the best libraries and resource centres in the world.

“I plan to visit five schools in Manchester and learn how their resource centres operate,” Mr Calleja said.

“I will be making comprehensive notes on their procedures, policies, support activities and points of difference… which are not yet being utilised in the education sector in Australia.”

“I then want to bring back these initiatives for implementation into the Resource Centres here at St Columba College and share my learnings with other Catholic and independent schools.”

With a love of lifelong learning, Mr Calleja applied for the Scholarship to further enrich his career and help make a tangible contribution to the education sector by learning about how resource centres operate on an international scale.

“This study tour will give me the opportunity to take our Resource Centres to the next level and help them to better operate on a world class scale,” Mr Calleja said.

Anthony Rodwell-Ball, Chief Executive Officer of NGS Super, congratulated this year’s winners for their inspiring vision and commended all applicants on their commitment to bettering not only their careers and their schools, but also the education sector at large.

“Each year, we are amazed by the calibre of outstanding applications we receive from teachers, management and support staff alike; all who are united in their vision to enrich the education sector,” Mr Rodwell-Ball said.

Mr Calleja commenced working in the Resource Centres in 2009 after working in the College’s Finance Office as the Bursar’s Assistant for a number of years. His time was first spent in the Middle/Senior Resource Centre assisting the teacher/librarian before moving to the Junior School in 2012.

“Working in the Resource Centre enables me to support every member of our school community (whether it be students, families, staff and volunteers) and help them to gain new knowledge, competencies and outlooks for learning and personal development that they can apply throughout their lives,” Mr Calleja said.

“St Columba College is a wonderful and friendly community to work for and I feel blessed to have been working here for the past 15 years. I find it very rewarding working with the students and staff in the Junior Resource Centre.”

The College congratulates Mr Calleja on his award, his commitment to the education of children and the encouragement for a love of learning.

NGS Super is the leading industry super fund for those in non-government education, mutual finance and community organisations. With over $8 billion in FUM, around 100,000 members and over 9,000 employers, NGS Super keeps costs low to benefit members.

Mrs Amanda Fryer Director of Communications and Engagement