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Unity in our Diversity

The Multicultural and Social Justice team planned and presented a vibrant assembly to the Middle and Senior School called 'Unity in our Diversity'. Their message was about celebrating differences and the importance of sharing stories. Two students of the team, Yom Akech, Year 12, and Angeth Dut, Year 10, shared their stories. Yom spoke about growing up in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, and Angeth spoke about being born in Adelaide at the Women's and Children's Hospital, and her desire to travel back to Africa to visit family. We also heard Nancy Iladukunda share a poem called 'Silence at Sea', and some of our Middle School members acted out the notion of acceptance through a skit. The team taught the students and staff how to say 'Peace be with you' in Kirundi, Dinka, Hindi, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Arabic. The students enjoyed having the opportunity to try out these languages by greeting those around them. The students will be presenting again at the Junior School Assembly in Week 9.

Thank you to all students involved for producing such a thought-provoking assembly and sharing your stories with us.