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Tamikha Cruz: Taking Control in the Kitchen

The kitchen is where all the action happens for Year 11 student, Tamikha Cruz. It’s the place that has awarded her a title of Super Crew Champ and a week-long study tour to Los Angeles.

Participating in McDonald’s Super Crew Competition as an employee of the world-renown food chain, Tamikha was selected as a finalist to fight-it-out in the title battle against the state’s finest from the ‘Golden Arches’. Crew members were selected to compete after being judged across all stations by restaurant managers.

“I work at McDonald's Munno Para and I have been there for just over two years,” Tamikha said.

“The competition began with store competitions, where the manager then choose the top 12 crew from each station to be a part of the program. I was chosen as kitchen back-area initiator.”

Recognising employee excellence, the program is an opportunity for crew members to put their skills to the test and meet others from across the state. Depending on the area they specialise in, the competitors are judged on how good their procedures are, freshness, quality, time, customer service and more.

“We had regional competitions held at our store in Munno Para where crew members from other stores participated in area competitions specific to their roles,” Tamikha said.

“From there, the judges picked the top 12 crew from each station to have the opportunity to battle it out in the Super Crew Grand Final against state competitors.”

With her talent in the kitchen as a great organiser and multi-tasker, Tamikha was selected as a state finalist to compete in the Super Crew Grand Final at the Prospect store. She was assessed on her work, questioned on procedures and challenged on tasks to then be invited to a finalist dinner for the announcement of the awards.

“Each station had 4-5 people in it, so you had a 1 in 5 chance to win,” Tamikha said.

“I was so ecstatic and excited when I heard my name get called out.”

Tamikha was awarded state 'Champ' for her specialised area. The prize for her accomplishment is an all expenses paid week-long study tour to Los Angeles with the 11 other state finalist winners. The trip commences next year in January for a total of eight days.

“All accommodation and flights are paid for and we also got given suitcases too!” Tamikha said.

“We get to go to amazing places such as Disneyland and walk up to the Hollywood sign, and so much more!”

McDonald’s employs around 106,000 Australians and is the largest youth employer in the country, with 65 per cent of its workforce under the age of 18 (Chung, F 2016, para 10).

“McDonald's is a pretty good place to work at when you're young. I think the Super Crew program shows how much it pays off when you give your all every day,” Tamikha said.

“The harder you work, the more chances and opportunities you get at things like this. I am so very lucky and grateful for this opportunity and I still can't believe I actually won.”

Mrs Amanda Fryer Director of Communications and Engagement