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Swedish Teachers Visit Junior School

At the end of Term 3, a group of lead educators from Sweden visited the Junior School to learn more about how we teach language and literacy in the Reception to Year 5 classrooms.

The visitors were first warmly welcomed to the Junior School with an energetic performance by the dance group Confi-dance comprising some of our most talented Year 2 and 5 students.

Mrs Julie Hancock and Mrs Sharyn Clyma then spent some time in discussion with the visiting group outlining how we are developing a consistent way of teaching about how the English language works. Oral communication, hands-on activities, students working with others and high student engagement are key factors of this approach.

The group then visited Miss Sarah Hinton’s Year 2 class where they were greeted by an excited class of Year 2 students. The visiting teachers were able to watch a lesson which included the students working in groups to match or create a range of sentences to express their opinion about a class topic.

A special thank you to Miss Hinton and her wonderful students as well as the Confi-dance performers, who made the visit for the Swedish educators most worthwhile and memorable.

Mrs Sharyn Clyma | English as an Additional Language Lead Teacher