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St Columba College at Tournament of Minds

On Sunday the 8th September, a group of students from Years 5 to 6 represented St Columba College at Tournament of Minds at Flinders University 2019. The students worked together to solve a demanding, open-ended Long Term Challenge in The Arts. They also participated in an unseen Spontaneous Challenge. They displayed great collaboration and problem solving skills on the day despite being one member short. They persevered and behaved with dignity- whether they won or lost. 

In the Long Term Challenge they competed against 21 groups and in the Spontaneous Challenge, competed against 58.  I am extremely proud of the group as they won the Spirit award of TOM, congratulations to you all.

A special thankyou to the parents/carers for supporting the students and driving them to Flinders and also the students Rufaro Makami, Maya Agius, Christie Chapman-Wardy, Christine Adala, Aluet Mac and Erin Mac.

Ms Monique Lagana 
Inclusive Education Coordinator R-5