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Soraya Heidari: Voice Actress Debut

Article by Sorarya Heidari, Year 9 student

Soraya Heidari’s professional theatre debut as Delara in Windmill Theatre Company’s “Amphibian”

Muzafar Ali the cultural assistant in the new theatre show Amphibian is a friend of my Dad’s. Muzafar Ali mentioned to my Dad that a young voice actor was needed that could read in Arabic. This was how I got the job to be the voice of Delara.

Windmill Theatre Company invited me to their studio in the city to record my voice. At the studio, I met the crew, including the director, the performers and sound designer. Along with me, there was also the voice actor for Hassan’s mother. The studio included a soundproof room, the set and many offices. The performers showed us a sneak peak of the scenes that our voices are needed so we got a feel of the intensity or the emotional level of the scenes. Once the recording began the studio was dead silent.

On the night of the world premiere, I was amazed at how the production all came together. What was most impressive was how Maiah Stewardson performed as my character which was perfectly timed with my voice-over. The whole experience was incredible as I learnt so much about theatre and a potential career in this field. It was a proud moment when I received positive feedback from the actors and director. Overall it was an amazing experience because the director and writer were telling a story based on true events, events that refugees still experience today.