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Volunteers Liturgy
It was a privilege to welcome our Volunteers to a liturgy to thank them for all the hard work they do. These people give freely and generously of their time and talents so that staff, students and other parents are supported, encouraged and enriched by their generosity. The benefit to our school is huge and it is important to acknowledge the significance of the volunteer role in our College. The Year 2 students led the liturgy and presented a small gift in appreciation of everything that is done for us. The liturgy was followed by a delicious morning tea, kindly provided by our canteen staff.

Anglicare Christmas Hampers
On Friday, 1 December, the Junior School collected items for Christmas Hampers to go to Anglicare. We had a casual clothes day with a Christmas Theme as a “thank you” for your support. Further donations will be welcome until Friday, 8 December. 

Mrs Jane Bailey Director of Spirituality R-5


Operation Christmas Angel
A big thank you to all the families who generously donated food/gifts to our Operation Angel Appeal. The items we collected will help to make Christmas a little brighter for a number of families.

Our Special Tea-light Holders
Last week, I purchased wooden tea-light holders to be used in our College liturgies that were made by our very own Year 9 Design/Tech students. Thank you to Thalia Brannan, Leah Pearce and Kiralee Hunter who designed and made the tea-light holders. 

Christmas Blessing
As we prepare for the holidays
and the joy Christmas I pray:
The light of the Christmas star to you
The warmth of home and hearth to you
The cheer and good will of friends to you
The hope of a childlike heart to you
The joy of a thousand angels to you
The love of the Son and God’s peace to you.

                                                           - Gaelic Blessing

Arch D Radio Award Nominations
Congratulations to the following St Columba College students who have been nominated for an Arch D Radio Award for their involvement in the two shows that were recorded and produced at the College during the year.

Programming Team of the Year
Anthea Wills & Athieng Akol
Male Announcer (Junior) [up to Year 10]
Jordan Pitt
Female Announcer (Junior) [up to Year 10]
Jaimee Johns
Rising Star Award
Jordan Pitt

The Awards Night, where the winners will be announced and trophies presented, will be a formal event and will be held at the DeBourg Auditorium at Sacred Heart College, Somerton Park, on Friday, 2 March 2018.

The last Arch D program the students were involved in can be found using here:

I wish all families a safe and Holy Christmas.

Miss Eugenia Stopyra Director of Spirituality 6-12


Elizabeth Catholic Parish - Sacramental Preparation Program 2018

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

The Elizabeth Catholic Parish each year incorporates five Catholic schools and catholic children who attend other denominational or government schools, into a program where children are jointly prepared for the reception into the Catholic tradition of the three Sacraments of Christian Initiation, following the first Sacrament of Christian Initiation which is Baptism.

The program runs for one year and incorporates a variety of sessions which include:

  • Four family sessions on a Saturday afternoon, where parents / caregivers and children join together to explore the values, implications, and dynamics of Catholic family life.
  • Four afterschool workshop sessions for children. These sessions are held at three different sites on different days to allow for choice and flexibility around sporting and family commitments.
  • Three activity days where children attend a hands-on workshop at the Elizabeth Catholic Parish on a weekday during school time.

In this program, the teachers who assist the Parish Sacramental Coordinator in overseeing the preparation, presentation, and ceremonial imperatives of the program, are the assistant principals of Religious ethos in each school, known as APRIM’s i.e. (ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL: RELIGIOUS IDENTITY & MISSION.) and the Director of Spirituality (St Columba College). These teachers are highly skilled and experienced and collaborate with a Sacramental Co-Coordinator who is employed by the Parish Community

Each year, those children who are seven years of age or older and have been Baptised in the Catholic Faith (or whose families now wish for them to be Baptised) are invited to become a part of this process.

The preparation program also incorporates older students (and quite often parents) who have reached a stage in life where they wish for their family, to share more closely their religious values and beliefs.

The program will commence in February 2018 with the Sacrament of Reconciliation proposed for the month of June, Confirmation in late September and First Holy Communion during the month of October.

Finally, it should be understood that those receiving the Sacraments must be baptized in the Catholic Church and be at least seven years of age and have at least one parent who is Catholic or who wishes to become a Catholic through this program. There are some minimal costs for resources, but it should be clearly understood that no child will be excluded from the program because of inability to meet this criterion.

If you have any questions regarding this program please contact Miss Eugenia Stopyra, Director of Spirituality 6-12 at the College on 8254 0600, or Fr. Pat Woods, Parish Priest, on 0418 831 594.

If you would be interested in attending an information session to find out more about the program, please complete a Sacramental Preparation Program Form, which can be obtained from Miss Eugenia Stopyra, and returned to Edna at the Elizabeth Catholic Parish or to Miss Eugenia Stopyra.

Kind Regards,

Edna Dumbrell
Sacramental Program Coordinator, Elizabeth Catholic Parish