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Bless the blokes father's day liturgy

On Wednesday, 6 September, the Junior school held a Father’s Day Liturgy and Breakfast to celebrate the gift of our Dads and those who care for us as a father does. It was lovely to welcome so many people whole take on the role of “Father” in our children’s lives.

Year three classes led the liturgy focusing on the love our father figures show us. They did this through prayer, song, drama and action and I think the highlight was their rendition of a Father’s Day hip hop song.

Dad’s then stayed to enjoy bacon and egg muffins cooked to perfection by our grounds and canteen staff – a big thank you to Cindy, Anthony and Peter! A good time was had by all.

Mrs Jane Bailey Director of Spirituality R-5


Arch D RadioShow

Last week students from the Middle School were involved in producing a radio show that will be broadcast on 107.9 Live FM on 13th September. Produced and compared by James Meston each show involves students from schools in the Adelaide Catholic Archdiocese. It is a Catholic Youth Program featuring the latest music, interviews and news that matters for young people. This was a wonderful opportunity for our students not only to find out what is involved in producing a radio show but also having that show being played on the air.

The following students were part of the Arch D Radio Show production:
Music selection: Anthea Wills, Athieng Akol
Announcers: Finbar Warrior, Jordan Pitt, Lockhart Tynan
Audio Editors: Olivia Inwood, Cameron McLean

The St Columba episode is now live on iTunes & Soundcloud:




Miss Eugenia Stopyra Director of Spirituality 6-12


Sacramental Program Elizabeth Catholic Parish.

On Wednesday, 30 August students who are involved in the Sacramental program of the Elizabeth Parish along with students from surrounding catholic and state school were part of a full day workshop at St Thomas More Church. The day involved celebrating Mass with the Parishioners, making bread, exploring the significance of the cross and liturgical year. To end the day the children travelled back in time to experience a first century eucharist. It was a great day.

These students will be confirmed on Friday, 15 September at St Ann’s Church.

Families of the candidates please note that there is a practice session for the Confirmation this Saturday,
9 September 3.30pm at St Ann’s Church Midway Rd.

Miss Eugenia Stopyra Director of Spirituality 6-12


Post-Separation Parenting Course
Dealing with change after separation - Centacare

A workshop for separated parents wanting to understand and manage the changes in their family
This workshop will enable you to:
• Share with others about what is different now that the family has changed.
• Learn about what your children need from you
• Learn about communicating respectfully with the other parent
• Identify what gets in the way of working together as parents
• Develop strategies to deal with what gets in the way
• Understand the developmental attachment needs of your children.

Available Sessions:
Venue: Centacare, Level 2, 45 Wakefield St Adelaide.
Cost: $5
Wednesday, 20 September 6.00pm – 9.00pm
Tuesday, 3 October 9.30am – 12.30pm
Tuesday, 31 October 9.30am – 12.30pm
Wednesday, 15 November 6.00pm – 9.00pm
Tuesday, 28 November 9.30am – 12.30pm
Wednesday, 13 December 6.00pm – 9.00pm

Bookings essential. Please call 8215 6700

Miss Eugenia Stopyra Director of Spirituality 6-12


103rd  World   Day of  Migrants &  Refugees

Migration today is not a phenomenon limited to some areas of the planet. It affects all continents and is growing into a tragic situation of global proportions. Not only does this concern those looking for dignified work or better living conditions, but also men and women, the elderly and children, who are forced to leave their homes in the hope of finding safety, peace and security. Children are the first among those to pay the heavy toll of emigration, almost always caused by violence, poverty, environmental conditions, as well as the negative aspects of globalization.

The unrestrained competition for quick and easy profit brings with it the cultivation of perverse scourges such as child trafficking, the exploitation and abuse of minors and, generally, the depriving of rights intrinsic to childhood as sanctioned by the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. Childhood, given its fragile nature, has unique and inalienable needs. Above all else, there is the right to a healthy and secure family environment, where a child can grow under the guidance and example of a father and a mother; then there is the right and duty to receive adequate education, primarily in the family and also in the school, where children can grow as persons and agents of their own future and the future of their respective countries.

Excerpt from Pope Francis Message

Miss Eugenia Stopyra Director of Spirituality 6-12