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Religious Heart of the College

Year 12 Students sharing Bible Stories with the Junior School.

Over the last two terms, a number of Year 12 student groups as part of their Religious Education lessons, undertook a group activity, conducted over six weeks. This task involved the reading of the Old or New Testament, with a Biblical exegesis on a chosen passage or miracle story.

The goal was to write, illustrate, construct and present a Biblical Storybook or PowerPoint and accompanying activities suitable for St Columba College primary-aged children. When complete, the lesson was presented by the groups to the very appreciative students, This activity gave the Year 12s, not only an insight into Biblical analysis, teaching and group work, but most importantly, connecting with the Junior School students as positive role models. The Year 12s voiced their overwhelming joy and positive learning experience by this activity.

Responses from Year 12:
“I think reading to the children proved to be a fun and valuable experience, especially in Year 12 as it reminds us of how far we've come. It really helps relieve any stress and brings everything into perspective. It was just an enjoyable way of doing it and I think everyone had fun in the end”.
Rebecca Stevenson

“Reading to and interacting with the primary school students for me was actually quite a fun experience. It was engaging for both my group members and the students. We genuinely enjoyed the experience”.
Maria Hughes

“I enjoyed presenting our PowerPoint of a biblical story to the class, the children seemed to enjoy it especially the word search activity”.
Jessica Pearce

“Presenting our story to the Year 4 class was enjoyable and the children loved it”.
Jordan Walker

Miss Eugenia Stopyra Director of Spirituality 6-12


Junior School Creation Liturgy

Children in the Junior School regularly take part in a Liturgy of the Word, usually based on a theme they are covering in the curriculum. These take place on Wednesday Mornings and everyone is welcome to join us. Ms Braham and Ms Polisena recently had a liturgy based on the story of creation and created a beautiful sacred space and mural as part of the liturgy.

Coffee and tea are served from 8:40am until 9:00am in the PAC every Wednesday before the liturgy. Even if you can’t stay for the liturgy but feel like a quick cuppa before you carry on with your day you are welcome to join us, we would love to see you there.

Mrs Jane Bailey Director of Spirituality R-5


Elizabeth Catholic Parish Sacramental Dates

Children Full Day Workshop
Wednesday, 30 August, 9:00am -2:00pm
St Thomas More Church, Laverstock Road, Elizabeth North

Confirmation Practice (children and sponsor/family)
Saturday, 9 September, 3:30pm
St Ann’s Church, Midway Road, Elizabeth Park

Confirmation Ceremony
Friday, 15 September, 7:00pm
St Ann’s Church, Midway Road, Elizabeth Park

Eucharist Ceremonies
Weekend of 22 - 23 September
St Thomas More Church, Laverstock Road, Elizabeth North


Raise Your Voice 2017

Calling all young people ages 16 to 29! You are invited to Raise Your Voice 2017, a youth forum for young people. Come and meet other young people in the Archdiocese of Adelaide and share your experiences, ideas, concerns, and hopes about being a young person in Australia and the Catholic Church. All are invited!

Join us for Raise Your Voice in your region of the Archdiocese –dates and locations can be found online at

Refreshments will be provided. For more information contact Peter Bierer at the Catholic Office for Youth and Young Adults 8301 6866