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Year 12 Retreat 

Last term during Week 9 the Year 12s went to Nunyara Campsite at Belair for a Retreat experience. Over the two days the students were involved in a range of activities that explored the five languages of love, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, receiving and giving gifts, physical touch. 

Reflections about the Retreat Experience

"I liked the retreat this year, it was more experience for me to be able to talk to people and find consensus about various things. The retreat allowed me to peel back “layers” (Hidden traits and characteristics) that people have and find out what they are as well as showing what I had to offer in my hobbies and characteristics. Many liked what I had to offer, it helps that some people were quite interested in what I do with my time. I felt like it cleared my mind a lot from anything I had been worrying about like School Work, Racing, etc. and helped me refocus myself for the rest of the year." - Sam Henderson

"I overall found the Year 12 retreat experience to be quite a positive one for I found the location and setting to be quite peaceful, tranquil and relaxing. The building was very nice from the living area, kitchen and dorms. So overall, the feel of retreat was quite positive and reflective.

I found the activities and workshops based on the five Love Languages to be quite interesting for I personally enjoy learning about the alternative and different methods in which people express themselves." - Mitchell Dayman

"Learning how to speak my feelings was enjoyable, and something that I would take away with and use forever. Learning more about myself allowed myself to feel more open with my peers, learning to speak to people I wouldn’t usually talk to and actually be able to hold a conversation with them was something I thought was amazing." - Britney Matthews

"I gained insight from the future letter and words of affirmation workshops. While writing the letter to my future self, I had deep thoughts about what I should do before I open the letter at the end of Year 12 and how I can fulfil what I wrote. The words of affirmation also showed me other people's opinions on interacting with me." - Leonardo Cufone

"The venue is an amazing place, the view was wonderful and the workers were very friendly and very nice." - Jakob Sutton

"I honestly really loved retreat, there were sometimes when I just wanted to go to my dorm room and stay there for a while but at the end of the time it was all about having some fun and learning about your love languages and finding out something new about yourself that you didn't know already." - Zoe Evans

"The Year 12 retreat was a fun experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed as it allowed me to create many enjoyable memories and bond with my friends and peers. The view from the dorms, which allowed for a beautiful sight over the city, was a significant factor, which improved the quality of the stay at the retreat. The free time periods were also a major highlight for me as there were plenty of activities to do and I never felt bored, having bonded closer to many peers within my year level." - Cael Tschirn

"My experience on retreat was fun and I will always remember it as it was a once in a life time experience and it was very comforting and relaxing. The best part of the retreat was playing poly pong with the teachers and with the other Year 12s and having a fun quiz night and bribing some of the teachers for answers. Spending the two days with some of the 12 cohort was fun as we learnt new things about languages and each other." - Mark Spencer

"I gained an insight about myself and how I can improve myself and my behaviour towards the environment and the people in my life in all the workshops. I found that I actually love gift giving more than I do giving words of affirmation, however, I found that the affirmation workshop was the most enjoyable as it gave me the time to reflect and appreciate myself and the people around me." - Sonia Haydari

Feast of Mary MacKillop

On Tuesday, 8 August the Catholic Church celebrates the life of Mary MacKillop known as Saint Mary of the Cross, our first Australian saint.

Together, Mary MacKillop and Father JulianTenisonWoods opened the first free Catholic school in Penola in 1866, at first in a converted stable and later in this more substantial stone building.

A year later the pair formed a new religious order of nuns - the Sisters of St Joseph - devoted to teaching the poor. Mary took her vows, becoming the order's first sister and its leader. She was just 25 years old.

Within four years of Mary becoming a sister there were 130 Sisters of Saint Joseph.

The Sisters of St Joseph was the first Catholic order founded by an Australian. They vowed to live in poverty, own no property and were committed to equality. These were central to the order's rule.

As well as schools, Mary MacKillop and the sisters founded hospitals and orphanages, as well as providing shelters for the homeless, former prostitutes and unmarried mothers. And they raised all of the money themselves - mostly by begging.


Miss Eugenia Stopyra Director of Spirituality 6-12


Winter Blankets

Over the last term many of our keen and talented families have been knitting squares for blankets, sewing blankets together or making quilts for people in need, even though we have not yet put out our appeal. Thank you so much – it means we already have a head start! These items will go to Anglicare at the end of Term four and are distributed to people who are suffering hardship.

If you would like to join in with this charitable venture, we are asking for knitted/crocheted blankets or squares to make blankets. We don’t mind what size as they are used as blankets, cot blankets, knee rugs etc. We would like to have everything finished by the end of Week 8 so get busy with those needles!

We really appreciate the effort that you go to, to support our charitable giving.

Mrs Jane Bailey Director of Spirituality R-5


Family Worship Time at St Columba College

Holy Cross Elizabeth is joining with St Columba College to offer families a comfortable, welcoming, interactive worship opportunity where all ages learn and experience God together.

Starting Sunday August 6, a family service will be held on the first and third Sundays of the month, gathering over refreshments in the meeting room adjacent to the College Gymnasium from 11.00 am for approximately 1 hour. (Look for the signs on President Avenue, Andrews Farm)

Parents, grandparents, babies, toddlers, kids, and teens are all very warmly invited to come along to a worship experience that we are hoping will be especially family friendly. Don't come expecting to sit still. Come along ready to join in with songs, activities, games and fun!

For further information contact:
Rev. Jo Smith
m: 0401 086 404

We hope to see you there!

Rev'd Jo Smith College Chaplain