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It will not be long until we farewell our Iona pilgrims as they embark on their journey to the UK and Scotland, visiting Iona, the island where Saint Columba began his ministry in the UK.

The pilgrims’ journey will be one of new experiences, new places, lots of fun and discovery. As part of their journey, they have been highly involved in preparation and fundraising, packing their suitcases and organising passports.

In Week 10 they will also look towards their spiritual preparation, spending a Retreat Day with each other looking at the more sacred and emotional preparation for their journey.

The nature of “Pilgrimage” explores what it means to be human and to walk the earth, to reflect on belief, faith and relationship with God. It is an experience that will be undertaken in community, and yet it is also one of solitude as each pilgrim will see things with their own eyes and learn about themselves as individuals.

We wish them well on their pilgrimage and hold them in our prayers.

A Prayer for pilgrims
Journeying with you, Creator God,
is to journey in your world,
full of marvels and such beauty.
To glimpse eternity in sky and sea,
to feel the earth and rock beneath my feet.

Journeying with you, brother Jesus,
is to journey with your friends.
To meet and travel a while together,
then return home
knowing you are with us all.

Journeying with you, Holy Spirit,
is to journey with the wind.
To move to your wild music
then try to sing your song
so others may hear.

Mrs Jane Bailey Director of Spirituality R-5