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Refocus & Reenergise with Art

Engaging in Visual Arts can have many benefits such as improving stress levels, memory and empathy. At St Columba College we see the value encouraging our students to engage in the Arts on a regular basis. Art not only helps restore focus and concentration, it assists in decreasing mental exhaustion.

Visual Art at St Columba College allows students to explore and experiment with a range of media, materials and technology and then practice, apply and refine these skills. Students base their exploration and experimentation on analysis of the work of other practitioners, individual research, and the development of visual thinking and technical skills.

This selection of artwork displays a range of student work exploring themes such as the environment, body image and identity, music and TV, space, fantasy and Asia. Students have used a variety of media including glass, oil and acrylic paints, digital, marbling with pen, graphite, mixed media, copics, watercolours, poscas and spray paint. We invite you at any time to check out our Art Exhibitions throughout the year in the Middle School Foyer.