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Reception: A Wildlife Adventure

On Wednesday 8 May, the Reception students went on an adventure to see wildlife animals in their natural habitat. Students travelled on a bus through the windy roads to the Gorge Wildlife Park. Thankfully the sun was shining when the students arrived. The morning began with some animal encounters and keeper talks. Enjoying Gorge Wildlife Park, students pat a cuddly koala, found out that the shell of a tortoise is made from the same stuff as our finger nails and they fed some wallabies and kangaroos. Those that were brave enough even touched the slithering snake. In small groups students explored the park. The children completed an eye spy activity and had to find all the animals in the park. They used their iPads to photograph the animals as they found them.

The students shared some thoughts about their adventures:

“I liked the monkeys because they are really cute” Jodie

“I liked the part with the penguins, the meerkats, the dingoes and the alligators. I wish I could have a pet penguin.” Connor

“The best part was when we got to pat the animals because some of them are fluffy. Thank you to my Mum for helping” Kaila

“An interesting fact... koalas eat 1000 leaves a day!” Kobi

Excursions like this aren’t possible without all the wonderful helpers - thank you to everyone who played a special part in this day.

Mrs Amy Cavuoto | Reception Teacher