St Columba

St Columba College


Principal’s Report: Term 4, Week 5

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

This year we have reviewed our Student Personal Responsibility Policy. A draft document has been formulated.

A key focus of the policy is to provide a clear overview of our approach to support all students to make responsible decisions and choices. Each day students interact and engage with a range of people; peers, staff, visitors and parents. This requires students to show appropriate social and emotional skills and behave safely.

We understand students need explicit teaching, guidance and support to develop these skills and it is developmental. We do this at the College through Positive Education, ‘What’s the Buzz?’ in the Junior School and through the Kinship program in the Middle and Senior Schools. We also offer counselling to students and provide other intervention programs to support individual student needs.

At the heart of our work is the care and concern for each student. A core Gospel value is Respect and this is so important to us. The deep respect for each student, staff member and family in our community is paramount. Deep respect is shown through our words and actions.

The rules of the College aim to promote a safe and supportive learning environment. They are underpinned by our shared values and Christian ethos. The rules of the College are:

  • Be prepared and on time;
  • Allow yourself and others to learn;
  • Care for personal and school property;
  • Act in a safe and caring manner;
  • Wear the uniform correctly.

To nurture a caring community we will not tolerate bullying and harassment, utter defiance or any kind violence at the College. These actions can never be supported or welcomed. We will continue to take steps to investigate any incident and if necessary students will be suspended if they should break the College rules. I know our families want this too for their son or daughter.

Each person in our community has to contribute positively to ensure the school environment is safe for everyone. I encourage you to continue to speak with your child about the expectations of the College and the respectful relationships we need to promote.

The Carols Night will be held on Friday, 24 November. Carols begin at 6:30pm. The night is for the whole community for families across R-12. Entry is by ticket, which you can pick up from Student Services. Father Christmas will be making an appearance! Gates open at 5:00pm. Bring a picnic, chair or rug. Sausage sizzle and drinks available. This is the first Carols Nights for our College - see you there!

With best wishes,

Ms Leanne Carr Principal