St Columba

St Columba College


Principal’s Report: Term 4, Week 3

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Last Friday, we farewelled our Year 12s as they completed their formal education at the College.

We began the morning at 7:30am with a staff-cooked breakfast, which was followed by Mass with members of their family.

Graduating from school brings a range of emotions for everyone involved especially for the students themselves; happiness, joy, sadness or feeling anxious about what the future holds.

A future beyond school awaits our graduates and their pathway in the next stage of their life is in their hands.

The College has been determined to provide the foundation for our graduates to embrace our global world. Each one of our graduates is competent and full of potential. With determination, grit and hard work each young person will achieve whatever goals they set out to achieve.

The fundamental purpose of our work at St Columba College focuses on our graduates making a difference to the world and bringing about a world that God wants for each of us; to live life to the full and to bring love, respect, and compassion to others.

To our Class of 2017 we say thank you. School life has been about friendships, learning and being part of a community.

We hope you leave us with fond memories and are excited about the future.

I thank all our families who have supported the College and especially to those families who will be leaving us at the end of this year.

As we celebrated World Teachers’ Day this week, it is appropriate to show our appreciation and thank all the teachers and staff who have taught, guided and supported the Class of 2017 over the years.

As we say goodbye to our Year 12s, we welcomed families of our 2018 Receptions to the College on Wednesday night. We hope the next 13 years of his or her school life brings much happiness to each young person.

With best wishes,

Ms Leanne Carr Principal