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Principal’s Report: Term 3, Week 5

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Last week we celebrated the Semester 1 achievements of students across Year 3-11.

We held three Academic Assemblies and I thank the many families that joined us. We have introduced a new award; High Achievement Award which is for a student who receives an A for a subject. We want to recognise those students who show talent in any subject and we hope this aspires them to do well across their other subjects. The Academic Excellence Award recognises students who have received a number of As in their results. While the Academic Endeavour Award is for students who consistently apply themselves across all subjects. Arek Mel one of our Year 12 students was our guest speaker at the Junior and Middle School Assemblies and encouraged the students to make a difference to others around them. The Mayor Mr Glenn Docherty spoke at the Senior Assembly and spoke of taking every opportunity provided through the College and the wider community.

We are proud of our students and what they are achieving. We know from our results that our students do well in completing the SACE; the final certificate when finishing school. For the last three years we have had 100% SACE completion and this is outstanding for the College and our community.

This term 197 parents replied to our Parent Satisfaction Survey. Overall the results were very affirming. There were three areas that stood out for us when reading the feedback:

  1. Communication – while the use email was affirmed, the use of the School Stream App can improve. Notification of events to parents can get better along with more information about what is happening in the classroom.
  2. Way Learning Conferences – the conferences can sometimes be rushed and some parents questioned why the child needed to attend. This indicates we need to share with parents why having the child present is so important.
  3. Uniform expectations – some parents commented that they observe some students not wearing the correct uniform. We would agree and while the school has sanctions for not following the uniform policy it is a parent responsibility to ensure their child wears the correct uniform each day.

The feedback from parents has been greatly appreciated and going forward this information from the community will help in our planning.

The results of the survey can be accessed on the College website and at this link

With best wishes,

Ms Leanne Carr Principal