St Columba

St Columba College


Principal’s Report: Term 2, Week 7

Last Friday, we celebrated Saint Columba Day as a whole school. The day is a special occasion to reflect on the life of our College patron. While Saint Columba lived in the 6th century, his mission is still as relevant to us today. Columba left Ireland and travelled to Iona in Scotland to spread Christianity and was a significant person to lead this work at the time.

In the July school holidays the following students and staff will make the pilgrimage to Iona – Caitlin Allen, Jordan Clarke, Patrick Curry, Nathan Kent, Tiffany Martin, Connor Moseley, Mikayla Murphy, Nikita Pudney, Cameron Trezona, Mr Wayne Gladigau, Mrs Georgina Dunning and Mr Philip Southwell. The pilgrimage is an important one in the life of the College and we thank the community for their support of the group so far.

Our mission at St Columba College is to do the same as Columba – to bring the message of the Gospel to our students and families. While it feels at the moment we live in uncertain times, the message of respect, care and acceptance and to live in peace with each other is a timely reminder.

On Wednesday night we had close to 40 parents attend the ‘Raising Social and Resilient Kids’ Parent Workshop. This was a great opportunity to hear how parents and caregivers can support their child/ren to develop the skills to bounce back when they face the ups and downs of life. The feedback afterwards was very positive. We hope to offer more sessions in the future to support our parents and caregivers. 

The partnership with our families is very important to us and we know that when we positively work together to improve the learning for a child there are great outcomes. If there is one way you can give your child a head start for the school day ensure they have breakfast, arrive on time and in the correct uniform. I can’t stress enough how this makes a difference to the start to the day for all students.

I hope you have a great week.

With best wishes,

Ms Leanne Carr Principal