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Principal’s Report 2017 - Term 2, Week 3

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers for last Sunday and I hope you had a lovely day. The month of May in the Catholic tradition is referred to as the Month of Mary. While Mary has a low profile in the Gospels, her qualities are an example to us; humility, care, ability to persevere and service to God.  Thank you the P&F for providing the Mother’s Day Stall in the Junior School last week.

Thank you to the many parents who attended the Three-Way Learning Conferences last week for our Middle and Senior School students. I can’t stress enough how much we appreciate when our parents/caregivers get involved in their son or daughter’s learning.

As you know I started at St Columba College last year and during this time I have greatly valued parental support when we have needed to contact parents/caregivers about their child’s progress. Parents have been supportive, provided feedback and then asked ‘How can we work together?’. This is brilliant!

I know when parents get involved in their child’s learning, and positively support what the school and teachers are doing, there are great results for learning. 

I encourage all parents to take up the offer to come along to the Café Conversation on Tuesday night starting at 7pm in the Auditorium. On the night you will hear more about the future directions of the College. You won’t be asked to join a committee or speak in front of a group! It will be a relaxed night and more importantly you will hear about what we are trying to achieve for the next three years. This is exciting! So come with a friend and join in the conversation!

Ms Leanne Carr Principal