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Principal’s Report 2017: Term 2, Week 1

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Happy Easter and welcome back to Term Two. I hope the break gave you and your child/ren some rest and relaxation and that they have returned to school looking forward to the term ahead.

The season of Easter is celebrated not only on Easter Sunday, but for the next 50 days and it is during this time to reflect on the story of Jesus. I have spoken at both the Junior, Middle and Senior School assemblies this week and reflected with them about the amazing story and example that Jesus gives each of us. At a time in our world where there is conflict, hurt and harm, we want our children at school and in our community to experience in their lives peace, hope and love. This means a school environment where each person is deeply respected, included and feels safe. This takes everybody to create this environment; every student, every staff member and every parent/caregiver. By working together we will bring about a world that God wants; living life to the full where there is respect, love and happiness for each of us.

Last Monday, all staff participated in day three of Positive Education. The focus of the day was resilience and mental toughness. The trump card of happiness and wellbeing also applies when it comes to being resilient. Significant research shows that within families and schools having close relationships with caregiving adults is a key protective factor for psychological resilience. Taking care of our physical health and knowing and using your strengths proactively to face adversity are also key factors in being resilient and mentally tough. Teachers will be working on these concepts in the future with their classes.

Just a reminder to book in for the Café Conversation that will be held for all parents/caregivers in the Auditorium on Tuesday, 23 May, from 6.30pm onwards. The Café Conversation starts at 7pm and will focus on the future directions of the College. Come along with friends, and to assist with catering, please book in by emailing

Finally, we welcome the following new staff to St Columba College this term:

Philip Matthews - Chaplain in the Junior School | Wednesdays and Thursdays
Foibe Citegetse - Cultural and Inclusion Project Officer | Wednesday – Friday
Dianne Dahim - Teacher of Indonesian | Year 8 and 9
Mark Damm - Design and Technology Teacher | Replacement for Vin Hatcher for Weeks 1-4
Deana Byrne - College Counsellor | Replacing Domenique Carbone from 8 May - 23 June

I hope the coming week is a really happy one for you and your family.

Ms Leanne Carr Principal