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Principal’s Report 2017: Term 1, Week 9

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Last Wednesday night, the Parents and Friends (P&F) Committee held their Annual General Meeting. I thank all the committee members for their tireless work during 2016. We especially extend our sincere thanks to Colleen Boaden who has been a College volunteer since 2002 and an active P&F member since 2004. Thank you also to Simon Abbott who has generously given his time to support the College. Both Colleen and Simon are former parents and have remained connected to the community and supported the fundraising and events during this time. The support of Colleen and Simon has been greatly appreciated.

This year, we have the following parents who will take on these roles:

Chairperson: Ms Victoria Zelipski - Mother of Georgia (Year 6) and Rozalia (Year 8)  
Vice Chairperson: Ms Kylie O’Malley - Mother of Lucas (Year 1)
Treasurer: Mr Adam Perkins - Father to Daniel (Year 9), Michael (Year 10) and Nicole (2016, Year 12 student)
Secretary: Mrs Alexandra Karagiannakis - Mother to Daphne (Year 1) and Louie (Year 4)

There are many ways parents and caregivers can get involved in the life of the College; support your child’s learning by being positive about teachers and the school, join the P&F Committee or just put your hand up when help is needed, attend an assembly. The next P&F Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, 10 May, in the Community Gymnasium for a 7:00pm start. Come along and join in.

Café Conversation – Save the date!
On Tuesday, 23 May, we will be holding our first Café Conversation at St Columba College. A Café Conversation is set-up like a café and allows parents to come together to discuss issues that are important to them. The focus of the first Café Conversation will be about the future plans of the College. Parents will have the opportunity to hear firsthand the plans and directions and then discuss the opportunities that we can create. It’s a relaxed night with an opportunity to meet other parents, but more importantly, have your voice heard. We plan the conversation will take an hour and this will be followed by the Annual General Meeting.

Ms Leanne Carr Principal