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Emily Smallman: No Small Feat

Year 12 student Emily Smallman says her success in sports – and in life – comes from her competitiveness, her passion for soccer, and all around fitness commitment.

What makes Emily a great sportsperson is her self-discipline combined with a passionate commitment and determination to see it through. What we describe as GRIT - one of the most important characteristics of an athlete, and a description of Emily in action on the track and field.

“I have played sports for most of my life, therefore, when it comes to anything sport related, I am quite competitive,” Emily said.

Her competitive advantage has presented her with outstanding achievements this term.

Emily achieved recent success at the College’s Sports Day, winning 16 ribbons with five of those as overall winner for her year level and two as runner-up.

Due to her success in both track and field events, Emily was selected to compete at the Catholic Co-educational Secondary Schools Athletics Carnival, held at SANTOS stadium in Week 9.

“I competed in five events on the day, competing against athletes from eight other schools,” Emily said.

“The events included javelin, triple jump, discus, 200m as well as a member of the 100m relay team.”

Emily placed in each event, winning 1st in javelin, 2nd in discus and the 100m relay, and third in triple jump and 200m.

“Although I don’t think I could make it professionally in athletics, my success proved to me that if I work hard, anything is possible,” Emily said.

“It gives me a sense of belief that if I keep working hard, I can do anything I want.”

A huge part of Emily’s success is her passion for soccer and determination to one day become a professional soccer player for Australia.

“I’ve been inspired to work on my fitness by going to the gym and eating healthy due to my love of soccer and my commitments,” Emily said.

“This has had a major impact on my success at Sports Day and at the Athletics Carnival.”

“I started playing soccer when I was 11 years old and absolutely fell in love with the sport. Soccer is definitely my passion,” Emily said.

“I have recently changed clubs to further my chances at a career in soccer. At present, I play in the Division 2 team and fill in for Division 1 quite regularly. This is motivation for me to keep working really hard because I know if I work hard I can one day play in the Women’s National Premier League.”

As the College has followed Emily and watched her succeed in sports throughout her Middle and Senior years, we look forward to continuing to track her story and encourage her GRIT in action.

“If you put your mind to something and have the determination to go through with it, you can achieve anything.”