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Montana Vincent: Dazzles in the USA

Year 7 student, Montana Vincent, has been on a trip of a lifetime. Over the recent school holiday break, Montana had the opportunity to not only visit Florida, New York and Hawaii in the United States, but performed as a dancer as part of the Australian Youth Performing Arts Team in Disneyland and at Universal Studios.

Having ventured off on her trip the day after Christmas, Montana spent four weeks in America performing and experiencing the life of a professional dancer. Her team performed in the famous Macy's Street Parade, at Universal Studios, in various musical theatre and dance performances in Disneyland, followed by Broadway workshops in New York City.

Montana started dancing at the age of two and her passion for dancing and singing has rewarded her with this wonderful opportunity. Although, this has not been the first time Montana has performed overseas. She has previously danced in the United States, Hong Kong, Paris and London as part of the performing team.

Montana says the experience has given her "a better understanding of what it takes to be a Broadway star" including countless hours of rehearsals and back-to-back performances.

Asked what her ultimate dream would be, Montana replied, "Performing in Broadway shows in New York or working at Disneyland."

Setting her sights on future dancing opportunities, Montana will be attending New York and Atlanta in January 2019 for the Junior Theatre Festival, dancing with over 6000 young performers from around the world by her side.

Congratulations Montana on your recent experiences and success. The College looks forward to hearing your future stories.

Mrs Amanda Fryer Marketing & Communications Officer