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Junior School Book Fair 2020

The Junior School Resource Centre held a Book Fair early in August with resources supplied by Scholastic over three days. The Library was a buzz of activity and excitement. Many Junior School families visited the Book Fair before and after school over the course of the three days to browse and purchase items for their children. It’s wonderful to see the enthusiasm about reading and the value held in these books.

The Junior Library receives a percentage of the total sales which will be used to purchase new bilingual / dual text resources for our families to use.

A special thank you to Mr Vic Calleja for his hard work, dedication and excellent customer service during the Book Fair. Our parent volunteers Mila Dwiastuti, Clifton Kee-Tui and Heather McShane assisted us greatly with Book Fair setting up, sales and packing up. Thanks also to Mr Peter Pudney and Ms Tracey Size for their assistance on the door and ensuring that COVID19 safety protocols were followed.

Mrs Ruth Sumner | Junior School Teacher/Librarian