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Jazmin Brooks - takes to the stage

Year 12 student Jazmin Brooks has entertained crowds at this year’s Fringe Festival.

Her first performance gracing the stage in Walker Place, Gawler, was part of the Gawler Fringe Opening Event with Jazmin singing live in a half-hour set as part of a weekend of free entertainment.

Surrounded by performances, activities and a setting alive with energy, Jazmin was part of this event promoting local talent, community spirit and pride. It was a wonderful opportunity to showcase her creativity and crooning talent to the wider community.

Busking at another Northern Hub Adelaide Fringe event, Jazmin seized the moment busking at the Salisbury Secret Garden in the ‘Sounds in the Square’ special evening.

Known as ‘Jazzie Bee’ within the local music industry, Jazmin’s performances can be added to a long list of professional gigs and musical opportunities. Her singing talent and expertise has not only provided her with an outstanding reputation within the local music community but has provided fellow St Columba College students with inspiration and admiration.

Congratulations Jazmin and we look forward to continuing to follow your musical journey.

Mrs Amanda Fryer Marketing & Communications Officer