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Hayley Young: Artist with a different stroke

An avid horror movie fanatic, Year 10 student Hayley Young's obsession with gore and havoc has put her in the spotlight in the Special Effects industry.

Hayley recently won an Australia-wide ‘BYS Cosmetics – SFX Make-up Artist Search’ competition, providing her with the opportunity to attend an all-expenses paid exclusive BYS Cosmetics Halloween Party ‘Spooktacular 2017 Soirée’ at Luna Park in Melbourne and a supply of SFX make-up to last her a lifetime.

“It was a private event where I met multiple Australian beauty bloggers, the director and founder of BYS Cosmetics and people from other beauty companies,” Hayley said.

“I was lucky to be able to take two people to the event, which included my mum and dad, as they have supported me throughout my entire journey in becoming and succeeding as a SFX make-up artist.”

Producing multiple pieces to win her title, these included wounds, character make-up and original designs, Hayley was surely to be noticed for her talent and attention to detail.

“I produced multiple pieces for the competition and some looks took 30 minutes while others took up to three hour,” Hayley said.

Self-taught, with skills and knowledge acquired through endless amounts of time spent inches from the mirror, Hayley has taken to the art instinctively.

“I didn’t really know how to start so I decided to watch some YouTube videos which taught me a lot of what I know now,” Hayley said.

“I only started SFX make-up last November and then stopped for few months before starting again this July.”

“Something that I like about SFX makeup is that it brings out my creative side and people take an interest in the work I create,” Hayley said.

“People want to re-create my work and are inspired by me, which is extremely heart-warming and encouraging.”

Showcasing her work on social media has helped Hayley get her name out in the industry and start to be recognised for her skills.

“Social media is my main platform and it has not only helped me enter and win the BYS competition but it has also provided me with multiple job opportunities including working on small-scale films in South Australia,” Hayley said.

“I have also been invited to another event in Adelaide this weekend with beauty bloggers Australia.”

Currently focusing on growing her online portfolio and developing her skills, Hayley looks forward to extending her repertoire and making good use of her winning products.

“In the near future I hope to do things such as prosthetics and bald caps to help expand my knowledge in the industry,” Hayley said.

“Ultimately, I dream to work on movies and shows like The Exorcist, IT, Hush, Jigsaw, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, American Horror Story, Stranger Things and The Walking Dead.”

“SFX make-up is a big part of these movies and shows and I think it would be amazing to have my work showcased.”

To check out Hayley’s amazing SFX make-up, follow her on Facebook - Gore Galore @hayleyyoungsfx and on Instagram @hayleyyoungsfx. You will be amazed!

Mrs Amanda Fryer Director of Communications and Engagement