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Enjoying Nature’s Splendour at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

This week Year 10 students were fortunate to get out of the classroom and enjoy nature's splendour at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens as part of their “Natural Forms” unit of work. Students will be completing a number of drawings and media studies based on the natural forms found in Botanic Gardens. Work completed forms part of their assessment. The emphasis on drawing from real life and choosing forms that were aesthetically pleasing was a focus.

Students also visited the Art Gallery of South Australia. For some of the students this was the first time they have visited the gallery. This was an opportunity for students to view the extensive art collection, which features a wide range of works from Australia, Europe, North America and Asia including paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, photographs, textiles, furniture, ceramics, metalwork and jewellery.

This excursion offered students a wide variety of visual experiences and the opportunity to engage directly with their Art studies outside of the College setting.

Mr Kelley Lewis | The Arts Learning Area Leader