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Emma Normington: A Portrait of Achievement

Year 10 student, Emma Normington, won a placement at a recent Art’s Winter Workshop at the Adelaide Central School of Arts (ACSA) through a competition she entered into at the Tertiary Studies Expo in April.

The two-day workshop consisted of learning the techniques and skills of working with oil paint with the second half of the workshop dedicated to drawing techniques and styles while working with different mediums.

Ahead of the workshop, Emma was expecting to gain a better understanding on different techniques and was looking forward to working with new mediums and experiencing a different creative environment.

Taking place during the last school holiday break, Emma was under instruction from two successful graduated artists from ACSA, Andrew Clarke and Luke Thurgate. They provided her and fellow participants with a one-on-one experience, receiving new insights and exposing them to new methods and techniques in drawing and painting.

“Although I love painting, I have a major passion for drawing,” Emma said.

“Whether it is drawing my favourite characters or creating a realistic piece, I’m always happy to take an opportunity to draw.”

“The workshop provided me with lessons on how different medium can make an impact on your artwork,” Emma said.

“I learnt some amazing things such as mixing wet and dry mediums and using different materials as a canvas, and how each change can make an affect. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone.”

Emma has always had a passion for art, particularly drawing, and is constantly developing her skills and creative abilities.

“I draw a lot at home, as it’s something that is always available to me,” Emma said.

“I’d like to think my incessant drawing at home has helped me develop my art skills in some way.”

Emma is studying Visual Art A and Visual Art B at the College this year, under the instruction of Mrs Fedele. Her studies have truly developed her drawing skills, broadened her experiences using different mediums and enriched her creative passion.

“St Columba College has definitely helped me with my art as the Visual Art classes have allowed me to try new media and learn new techniques,” Emma said.

“I have loved art since I was a kid, but I think it really hit me in Middle School when I was properly introduced to creating artwork and being able to experiment with new media,” Emma said.

Having participated in the workshop, Emma hopes to use her newfound knowledge and skills to continue developing her art knowledge and experiences for the future.

“Art is the one subject that I am definite about continuing through to Year 12,” Emma said.

“I hope to get a career that is somewhat relevant in the future.”

Mrs Amanda Fryer Director of Communications and Engagement