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Dana Darwish: Air Force Accomplished and Sky’s the Limit!

Dana Darwish: Accomplished Aircrafts Women in the ADF

Dana Darwish, Year 12 graduate of 2017, has accomplished great things since her schooling years! Successful in her application to join the Royal Australian Air Force, the 18 year old is now a graduate of No1 Recruit Training Unit (1RTU) and has begun her initial employment training at RAAF Base Amberley in Queensland.

Dana has worked diligently to get to this point. The application process began with an aptitude assessment determining which jobs she would be eligible for. The next step was an assessment including a psychology interview, medical interview and a formal job interview. The last step was enlistment. Dana was successful in all aspects of the application process and headed off to basic training - 1RTU, based at Wagga Wagga NSW RAAF Base.

“The Recruit Training was very physically and mentally challenging and it really did change me as a person and the way I see things in life,” Dana said.

“Basic military training was involved (not allowed to share too much information of what the training involved).”
Dana successfully completed this training in early July.

“After finishing my training and graduating from recruits I was sent straight to my initial employment training which I am currently attending at RAAF Base Amberley in Queensland,” Dana said.

“I was very interested in a hands-on job role in the Air Force so I chose the role of Airbase Protection and Security. This particular job is a Combat and Security role where I am responsible in keeping the people, base and assets safe.”

Dana’s passion and enthusiasm to make a difference in people’s lives has influenced her decision to pursue a career of service.

“I’ve always wanted to help people and do something good for my country with an interest in a military lifestyle.” Dana said.

“Having two recruiters visit the College when I was in Year 8 made me want to join even more, so I didn’t let anything stop me and started my application at the end of Year 10.” 

Dana’s noble and inspiring ambition to work for the Defence Force has opened up a world of possibilities.

“I will be given a lot of opportunities to do amazing things, for example going overseas for humanitarian work and helping people in need and even being able to play my favourite sport, which is soccer, representing the RAAF,” Dana said.

Dana says St Columba College has played an important part in her journey, with a number of staff going the extra mile to assist her along this career path. College excursions to Career Exhibitions and liaising with Defence Force Recruiting provided Dana with further opportunity to explore the idea of a career in the Defence Force.

“I strongly encourage students to explore Defence Force options if they have a genuine interest in military and community service,” Dana said.

Discussing career options and post-school pathways with the College’s Futures Counsellor, Mr Shane Dowling, and teaching staff will assist in mapping out goals and pathways.
Dana currently holds the rank of Aircrafts Women (ACW) with her ambition to move up to a higher rank such as a Corporal or a Sargent. Another of Dana’s goals is to travel the world and help people in need through humanitarian work.

“I have personally gained so many skills and have made friends for life around Australia,” Dana said.

“So far it has been an experience that I will never forget.”


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