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Congratulations Museum Exhibition Award Winners!

Year 9 students have produced exceptional work as part of their Humanities studies on World War One.

A major part of the assessment is to create a "Museum Exhibit" on one specific aspect of WW1. accompanied with six sources to best show their learning. The students demonstrated their creativity with a range of posters, dioramas, replicas of primary sources and models. These were displayed in the library over 2 days and all Year 9 classes were given time to peruse the exhibits and vote for the one they believed to be most worthy of winning.

The award winners were an accumulation of the votes from the students and the Humanities teachers. In addition there were awards distributed to students who were deserving of a Teacher special mention for their efforts and finally, Mr Shane Dowling awarded the very prestigious "Head of Middle School Award".

On behalf of the Humanities faculty; we are all very proud of all our students' efforts, levels of engagement and encouragement of each other throughout this task. Congratulations again to the award winners!

Award Winners (1st Photo - left to right)
Natasha Riley, Sunteakry Tan (Head of Middle School Award), Emelia Smith, William Condon, Ethan Hawley (absent Awur Ajak)

Teacher Special Mention (2nd Photo - left to right)
Sulaxchhya Magar, (group: Nicholas Lehmann, Adam Loechel, absent Aaron Yates), Ashleigh Prevost, Mareck Roxas, Restina Nininahazwe, Margaret Ajang, Shaylee Kerr-Slee (absent Tayla Goodrich)

Head of Middle school Award
Sunteakry Tan

Award Winners
Teacher Special Mention Award