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Caitlin and Zachary Jacques: Martial Arts Champs!

Year 6 student, Zachary Jacques and his sister, Year 11 student Caitlin Jacques, have successfully competed in the recent Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do Federation (TSKF) national championships in Runaway Bay, Gold Coast, bringing home awards and an invigorated enthusiasm for the sport.

As members of TSKF Gawler Dojo, the brother and sister duo headed over to Queensland for three days of vigorous training with national and international instructors ahead of the two-day event.

Zachary, 11 years of age, competed in the 3-1 Kyu Boys U150cm Kumite (freestyle fighting) and Kata (choreographed patterns of movements). He performed his Kata with precision, winning silver and taking home a medal.

Caitlin, 15 years of age, competed in Kata and Kumite for Black Belt Girls 160-170cm. Utilising punches and kicks in an exciting Kumite competition, Caitlin fought various opponents and took home the bronze.

Caitlin was also presented with the Junior Spirit Award from Chief Instructor Takahashi Shihan, recognising her integrity, fairness and personal commitment combined with a high standard of ability and who best represented the Spirit of the Sport.

Zachary and Caitlin have been training in karate for three years, under the instruction of Lester Tobitt Sensei in Gawler, and demonstrate a passion and dedication to a sport that provides children and adults with a healthy dose of self esteem and self respect. Martial arts provide many benefits, particularly when it comes to fitness, focus and resilience, with Zachary and Caitlin sharing with us their commitment and further more their success.

While their first week on the coast consisted of arduous training and gruelling competitions, their second week in the sunny state provided them with a well-deserved holiday with the family.

Both students are back into regular training on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights in preparation for their next
big competition - the state Shotokan titles in July.

Zachary will then be preparing for his Black Belt grading, to be held this year in August.

Congratulations to both students on their success in the national championships and we wish them all the best on their journey to become members of the Australian team for the 2020 World Cup, in London.

Mrs Amanda Fryer Marketing and Communications