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Arch D Radio Awards: St Columba College Winners

Last year, students from Middle and Senior School were offered the chance to be involved in producing a youth radio show which aired on 1079 Live FM. This project, an initiative of the Catholic Youth Ministry Team, is headed by James Meston, a producer at Arch D Radio and an administrator at the Catholic Education Office in Adelaide.

The students had the opportunity to be involved in the ‘chatty’ as well as the production side of putting together a radio show.

On Friday, 24 February, students from various colleges in the state attended an awards ceremony, celebrating and awarding students for their participation and abilities in the program. St Columba College had the honour of having a number of students nominated for the awards.

The stars of the show were Year 12 student Mikealie Clarke, taking out Female Announcer of the Year (Senior), and Charlie Poole with Olivia Berry as a team, receiving the award for Best Production Team. This was a major feat for students and the College, participating in the program for the first time and producing only one podcast to be considered for an award.

Congratulations to all the students involved in the program, the nominees for an award and to our three talented winners.

Two award winners for 2016 from the College were:

Winner Best Production Team - Olivia Berry & Charli Poole
Winner Female Announcer of the Year (Senior) - Mikealie Clarke

Nominees from the College were:

Nominee Programmer of the Year Award - Nancy Iladukunda, Chloe Miller, Tony Mammone & Baylie Gericke [team]
Nominee Programmer of the Year Award - Hussain Hesseni & Jordan Clarke [team]
Nominee Male Announcer (Junior) [Up to Year 10] - Ben Gent

Mrs Amanda Fryer Marketing and Communications Officer


Relection by Charli Poole

“In the last term of 2016, I was given the wonderful opportunity to work with the Arch D 1079 Life radio station. I worked alongside Olivia Berry, and with the help of James Meston who hosted the show, we were able to help produce the audio that would be aired on radio.

Editing the audio with James was extremely fun and interesting, and taught me many new computer skills and also how radio stations are operated. Editing the audio by computer consisted of choosing specific songs to be played and listening to recordings time and time again to ensure it was clear, and that no mistakes had been made.
On Friday, 24 February, myself and others who had contributed to Arch D, attended an awards night held at Sacred Heart College. The night was filled with refreshments, food and trophies awarded to nominees. I was lucky enough to win the award for Best Audio production for 2016, which I was greatly thankful for.
The night finished off with photos being taken and many smiling faces. Overall, participating in Arch D was a wonderful experience that taught me a lot. It was so much fun working with James to produce great content and I highly suggest participating in it, if given the opportunity!”