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“Ahoy there me hearties”

Year 4 students set ashore at the Port Adelaide Maritime Museum & the City of Adelaide Clipper Ship

On Thursday, 28 March, Year 4 students went on an excursion to the Port Adelaide Maritime Museum and the toured the City of Adelaide Clipper ship. While at the Maritime Museum students learnt about migration to South Australia and the conditions on board marine vessels from the 1700s right through to the mid-1900s. Students got a sense of what it was like to travel the high seas and the living conditions on board. This left them feeling very grateful for the quality of travel we have today! The students even had the opportunity to climb to the top of the old Port Adelaide Lighthouse.

Students also toured the City of Adelaide Clipper ship and learnt much about the vessels history. It began as a transport ship of free settlers to South Australia. British migrants were given free travel to Adelaide in order to encourage migration to South Australia. At the end of this period, it was used as a hospital ship and then a military training vessel. Millions of dollars was spent engineering the equipment needed to raise the vessel and transport it back to South Australia where it is currently being restored.

What an amazing experience for our students to witness first hand some of South Australia's migration history!