St Columba 2017 Calendar


1/7/2017 P&F Family Portrait Day All day College Gymnasium
2/7/2017 - 9/7/2017 NAIDOC Week Multiple Days
3/7/2017 Yr 1-10 Chess Tournaments All day Tyndale Christian School, Salisbury East
3/7/2017 Middle & Senior School Semester 2 All day St Columba College
4/7/2017 Yr 4-7 SACPSSA Netball Carnival All day Priceline Stadium, Keswick
4/7/2017 Year 12 Food & Hospitality Catering Event All day Middle School Auditorium
7/7/2017 Last Day of Term 2 All day St Columba College
7/7/2017 Iona Pilgrims depart for the UK All day Adelaide Airport
25/7/2017 College Council Meeting 6:00pm to 8:30pm St Columba College
26/7/2017 Year 5 Leadership Day All day St Columba College
27/7/2017 Year 3-12 Mathematics Competition 10:00am to 12:25pm