St Columba 2017 Calendar


5/4/2017 3-Way Learning Conversations 3:30pm to 6:00pm Junior School
6/4/2017 Year 4 Excursion All day Maritime Museum
9/4/2017 OPEN DAY 11:30am to 1:30pm St Columba College
10/4/2017 MSS Chess Tournaments 9:00am to 2:30pm Tyndale College
10/4/2017 R - 12 Palm Monday Liturgy 9:00am to 11:00am Gymnasium
10/4/2017 Year 10 & 12 Tertiary Studies Expo 10:00am to 1:00pm Convention Centre
11/4/2017 Volunteer Induction Workshop 8:45am to 10:15am Lecture Theatre
12/4/2017 Parents & Friends Meeting 6:45pm to 8:45pm Gymnasium Meeting Room