College Services

College Services

Welcome to the St Columba College Services platform providing families with up-to-date information on College services and those provided by external suppliers.

St Columba College is committed to providing the highest level of assistance and value. Continue to stay updated with information on service prices, operating hours, programs and more.

Our directory also provides information on how to access external providers, including our school photographers, Advanced Life Photography, as well as online Book & Stationery suppliers, Lighthouse Books and Office Supplies.

Our Services platform directs you to Health & First Aid information and the requirements as a student of the College who have a medical condition, requires a Medical or Asthma Management Plan, or Anaphylaxis EpiPen Personal Action Plan. Our College Registered Nurse is available for any health enquiries,

St Columba College ensures to supply you with up-to-date information to help you stay informed. Stay connected on your mobile device with instant push notifications. If you haven't already connected to our Free College App, School Stream, click here for more information.