Strategic Plan 2017-2019

Strategic Plan 2017-2019

The Strategic Plan 2017-2019 sets out how the College will develop attitudes, knowledge and skills students need now, beyond school and into the future.

The College is focussed on setting directions and priorities for the next three years. The 6 goals are:

Goal 1: Living Faith in Action
Goal 2: Empowering Compassionate Global Citizens
Goal 3: Developing High Quality Staff and Excellence in Teaching
Goal 4: Building Partnerships Within and Beyond
Goal 5: Embracing Contemporary Learning Environments
Goal 6: Enhancing our Reputation.

The priorities for 2017 include developing best practice across R-12. Our vision for learning at St Columba College is Empowering Compassionate Global Citizens and therefore aim to develop the knowledge and skills that students need now and into the future. This includes relationship skills, literacy and numeracy, creativity, problem solving and ICT skills. The subjects of STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, is a priority for us to develop in the next three years.

We know wellbeing and learning are connected. When a student feels secure, safe and happy there are great outcomes for learning. This year we have introduced Positive Education to the staff which is a proactive approach to teach life skills. These include growth mindset, resilience, optimism, mental toughness, mindfulness, gratitude and forgiveness. Over time teachers will be teaching these skills across R-12.

The third priority is to develop a Master Plan for our building program. Architects have been engaged to review the Master Plan and we will be embarking on a building program in 2018 to develop new classrooms in the Middle School.

The Strategic Plan 2017-2019 can be viewed below in a digital, page-turning format or downloaded as a pdf.