BYOD Program

BYOD Program

Every child in Years 6 - 12 is required to have a personal device (Laptop, Notebook or Tablet) for their learning. Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD is designed for you, as students and families, the freedom to make choices that suit you and your circumstances.

The device will be of your own choosing provided it meets the specifications set out below:

Minimum BYOD Requirements
The following will help you in selecting and purchasing a for your child to use while they are at school. While there are many options, there are minimum specifications required to support your child’s learning at St Columba College.  
Device Type – Windows Laptop, Notebook or Tablet (A tablet must have a physical keyboard attachment) Operating System – Windows 10 (except Windows 10S)
Processor – Intel Core i3, 6th Gen or better
Memory – 4 GB (8+ preferred)
Battery – Minimum 7 hours
Wireless – 802.11n, ac or ax (must support 5 Ghz band)
Weight – No more than 2.5Kg
Storage – Minimum 128 GB Solid State
Screen Size – 11.6 - 14 inches (Screen sizes under 13" would not be recommended for students undertaking CAD (Computer Aided Design), IPP (Information Processing and Publishing) or Digital Technologies).

Additional Considerations:
The following are not requirements of the BYOD program, but should be strongly considered when purchasing a device:

• Hard cover protective case recommended
• Minimum 3-year warranty and insurance recommended
• UBC-C port that supports charging

Devices that are not suitable for our environment:

• iPads
• MacBook’s
• Android tablets
• Chromebooks

Families have the following choices:

• Option 1: Use an existing device from home that meets the minimum BYOD requirements.
• Option 2.: Use the purchasing portal made available by the College to assist families to purchase a device either upfront or through monthly payments.
• Option 3: Purchase the device from an external supplier.

If you have any questions about the BYOD implementation, the application of the policy to your circumstances or regarding alternate device arrangements, please contact the ICT Technological Support team by emailing